Readers and Mats

Easy to install and operate

Each system (reader with antenna mats) is very simple to install. IPICO Sports systems may be set up in less than five minutes, and successfully read any number of tagged athletes at various speeds and densities. The equipment does not require any synchronization or calibration.

Lightweight and Portable

Our systems are compact and lightweight.


Our systems can scale to any size and type of event. Multiple Elite Reader and Lite Reader systems may be utilized together in various configurations to satisfy the demands of larger timing areas and/or specialized sports requirements. Multisport Tags (Ankle Tags) make it possible to use the systems for Triathlon and other multisport events.


Our products are competitively priced, so that even small clubs and organizations can own a complete timing system.


IPICO Sports products are designed to meet the rigorous demands of outdoor active sports and extreme ranges of environmental conditions – both winter and summer.

Compliant with global standards

IPICO Sports systems are compliant with FCC and EC specifications.