How does the IPICO Sports system work?

The system is very simple. The tag contains a microchip and two antenna loops – one to 'wake-up' the tag and the other to send its signal. When the tag comes into close proximity with the antenna mat, the tag „wakes up" and begins sending its unique signal over and over to the reader.

How many participants can your systems handle?

Each antenna mat can read up to 100 tags simultaneously. This is far more than the number of people that can physically fit within that area. The only limitation to the number of people a system can handle is relative to the timing line width. If you are using two 2.5M set up with one as primary and one as backup, you will have a roughly a timing line 7 feet wide. In the case of a 1,000 person 10K event, this would probably accommodate your needs. If it is 1,000 person 1mile event, it will likely become congested as the mid-pack athletes finish. See system layouts for suggestions on how to set up timing lines.

Can my tags be customized?

Yes. We can print the tags with your artwork design. We can even help you design it if you'd like. There is no additional price to the tag with the exception of sequential numbering (.05 per tag) but there is a nominal setup fee. You can customize tags to provide as event souvenirs, to enhance sponsorship opportunities or to market services and promotions.

Are your tags disposable?

The choice is yours. Although our tags can be reused, since disposability is really a matter of price, we offer volume discounts that will price them at a very competitive level. We also give you 12 months to reach that volume. For example, if you plan on using 10,000 tags within a year, we will offer you the 10,000 piece price but give you 12 months to reach that volume. That way, you can choose to retrieve or dispose. Add customization to turn it into an event keepsake or store coupon.

Are the tags owned by the timer?

Yes – no limitation on the number of tags and systems you can own.

Do your tags work with other systems?

No, our protocol is proprietary.

Do you have a warranty?

All equipment carries a one year warranty on defective equipment. Parts and labor are covered for products that have manufacturing flaws. This does not include defects resulting from intended use.

Will the products be available to anyone in a geographic area?


What are the battery back-up duration/options?

The system uses a simple 12v battery. The on-board batteries are designed to last four hours, and the Elite Reader has an LED to display the voltage – once it falls below 11.5v it issues an audible signal to warn the user to switch out the battery power. The option for mains power is also available.

Do I need a backup system?

We recommend backup as good standard practice. Since our tags are passive, meaning they do not have a native power source, they utilize the magnetic field created by the reader transmitter to provide power to the tag. It is important that a tag remain within that field long enough to obtain enough energy to turn on the chip inside the tag, allowing it to broadcast it's unique ID. Although this typically happens on the primary line, it is a good idea to have a secondary line which actually tends to extend the charging field.

Is there any annual fee?

We sell direct to everyone and there is NO annual fee.

Can your equipment be used in Triathlon?

Yes. We have been used in some of the largest triathlons in the world and multi-sport racing is one of the biggest segments served by Ipico customers. We have tags specifically designed for multipsort applications that can be attached to the ankle. This works well in Triathlon, Biathlon, Noridc Skiing or any other event requiring a non-traditional or changing footwear.

Can I use your equipment for bike races?

IPICO Sports gear is used in many mountain bike races. The challenge with road bike races is the speed. Passive technology requires that the tag remain in the charging field long enough to become fully activated. At speeds exceeding 25MPH, this becomes unpredictable. Our equipment has been successfully deployed at road bike races, but typically as check points or by using multiple systems for single lines.

Can I connect your system to a network?

Yes, our systems all use TCP/IP protocol and have an Ethernet port. They transmit data in real time via Ethernet and can be connected to a computer, router, switch or any other Ethernet communications device. The Elite reader includes a GPRS dongle that is activated through one of the USB ports. This allows communication with the reader via Internet through any cellular network using GPRS protocol (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile).

Do you rent systems?


How reliable is IPICO Sports system?

Very reliable. This same technology is used in homeland defense, tracking of explosives and in vehicle identification. The unique nature of our Dual Frequency system makes it ideal for tracking humans and for a variety of sporting applications with 100% accuracy.