Who are we ?

We are innovators who have been involved in leading edge RFID Technology development. We have developed our own RFID air-interface called IP-X that enables our products to perform in a wide range of challenging application environments where conventional technologies fall short. We also design and manufacture our own readers, antennae, tags and accessories. This approach delivers an RFID infrastructure that is simply more effective. And, it offers clients a wider range of options.

We are a team that knows the active sports industry inside and out —and we're passionate about improving it. That's why we've turned a high-tech, innovative timing and tracking system into a low-cost, simple solution that makes electronic timing possible for organizations and events of any size.

We are focused on serving all active sports and fitness/wellness activities globally at every level—from training through competition. In particular, we provide solutions to all organizations that would like to use technology to measure any active sports event or physical activity, but have been unable to do so because of the expense of other systems.

We are global with customers in 40 countries and we are growing!