GPS Receiver

The IPICO Sports External GPS Adapter provides automatic clock synchronization for the Elite reader to time from the highly accurate GPS navigation system. After synchronizing the reader time, the adapter reports the current communications parameters of the reader and then begins to run a tags-seen counter until the adapter is removed from the USB port of the reader.


  • Accurately set time on multiple readers not network connected
  • Report lost or mis-configured IP address value
  • Verify status of reader operations
  • Monitor number of tags read at a reader location
  • Internal battery maintains operation for 20 minutes after disconnection from Delta without restarting for quick syncing of multiple readers

The IP2936 External GPS adapter runs without user intervention, powered by an internal 9 volt battery, the unit senses the connection to a USB port and begins searching for satellites, once three (3) satellite signals have been found, the unit runs a process on the Delta to synchronize the reader time to the GPS time. After finishing the time-sync process the LCD display is updated with the current setting for the Ethernet IP address, then the PPP IP address from the GPRS connection (if present) then the OpenVPN IP address of the reader (if used). Finally, the adapter runs a process to count the number of tags read by the reader since connection. This process runs continuously until the adapter is removed from the reader. Also, every 5 minutes the adapter will search for satellites again to keep in time sync with the GPS time. The adapter will beep occasionally to indicate a status change or GPS signal loss/acquisition.

GPS Receiver

Product Code: IP2936



Key Features

  • Automatic power management (no on/off switch)
  • USB type "B" receptacle connector (USB A-B cable included)
  • 16 character x 2 line LCD Display
  • Internal GPS antenna
  • GPS Search indicator (Green LED)
  • Audible indicator for GPS status changes
  • Handheld case design
  • 9– volt battery included