2.5m Mat

IPICO's Dual Frequency antenna mats are used together with the Elite and Lite readers to provide a complete solution for sports time-keeping. When the antenna picks up the response signal from an IPICO Dual Frequency tag, the reader records the time and participant's tag number. The mats are robust and waterproof, and are suitable for timing of running and cycling events. They are hard-wearing and can even withstand being driven over by motor vehicles.

The antenna mats contain separate inductive loops for powering the tag (125 kHz) and receiving the tag response signal (6.8 MHz). The loop tuning can be affected by the presence of metallic objects nearby (like concrete slab reinforcing, water pipes or wire fences), with a resultant loss of reading range, but this effect has been minimized by an auto-tuning function within the reader. Electrical interference can also be a problem if severe, resulting in loss of reading range, and for this reason each antenna mat has a built-in 6.8 MHz amplifier to boost the signal before transmission to the reader.

The mats are available in a blue semi-permeable fabric, called "Safe & Soft" made by AKO. Two lengths of connection cables are available, 5 m and 10 m so that different combinations of mats (up to 4 antenna mats may be used on an "Elite" reader) may be optimized in terms of cable length and routes.

Product Code: IP 2957, IP 2958, IP 2959, IP2960

2.5m mat V



Key Features

  • Compliant with USA, European, Australian, and RSA spectrum allocations when used with either the IPICO Lite or Elite Dual Frequency readers
  • Suitable for use with all IPICO Sports tags (shoe tag, multisport tag)
  • Robust and waterproof
  • Cannot be incorrectly connected
  • Supplied complete with carry bag
  • Custom branding can be provided
  • Can be used in groups of up to 8 with overlaps to ensure complete coverage of the track (see IPICO Elite Reader Manual for optimum placement of mats and cables)
  • Antenna loops shielded to minimize E-field pick up from interference sources such as vehicle ignition, short-wave radio transmissions