Elite Reader

The Elite Reader provides a turnkey sports timing solution for medium to large active sports events. The Elite Reader has an onboard Linux computer to provide data storage, data processing and capabilities for several communications mediums – including Ethernet and GPRS wireless modem.

The Elite Reader supports four (4) 2.5m x 1.2m IPICO Sports Antenna Mats OR two (2) 5.0m x 1.2m IPICO Sports Antenna Mats.

The Elite Reader system (with antenna mats) is very simple to set-up. The system has auto-tuning capabilities on start up. Multiple systems – both Elite Reader and Lite Reader systems may be utilized together in various configurations to satisfy the demands of larger timing areas and/or specialized sports requirements, and there is no need to synchronize multiple systems.

Sports time-keeping requires reliable medium range reading of light-weight tags in large numbers, the ability to read many tags simultaneously as participants crowd past the finish line, and the use of robust weather-proof equipment that can operate in RF-unfriendly conditions. The IPICO Dual Frequency technology is ideally suited to this application, combining the benefits of low frequency signals for penetration through lossy substances, and the high data through-put usually associated with HF or UHF systems, so that it can provide timing accuracy and avoid tag data being lost due to over-congestion.

Being able to operate independently is essential, so the reader is powered by an internal rechargeable battery, and contains a flash drive for storage of tag numbers and times. These can be uploaded to a computer, or remotely accessed if the reader is connected to a network.

Product Code IP 3911 elitereader3-1 V



Key Features

  • Compliant with USA, European, Australian, and RSA spectrum allocations.
  • Robust anti-collision protocol (up to 120 tags simultaneously)
  • Simple to use – only one ON/OFF switch for all systems
  • Real Time Clock
  • Valid tag read and status indicators
  • Battery management circuit: beeps on low voltage, or incorrect input polarity, charge level indicator
  • Power input connector for 12V DC external supply
  • Automatic antenna tuning, tunes out environmental influences -can be manually invoked
  • Connects to 4 (2×1 m) antenna mats
  • Range 0.6 m using shoe tag (57×43 mm)
  • Tag data stored on internal flash drive (with battery backup); storage capacity > 400,000 tag reads
  • Ethernet port for computer connection; cellular data optional
  • DSP enhanced receivers