Lite Reader

The Lite Reader is ideal for smaller timers and clubs for small to medium events; institutional markets including: school, military, law enforcement and fire departments for both organized events and fitness measurement activities; and for multisport transition points.

The Lite Reader is affordable for a wide range of customers. Data may be streamed from the reader via Ethernet port or WiFi, and data may be stored on a USB Flash Drive connected to the USB port.

The Lite Reader supports two (2) 2.5m x 1.2m IPICO Sports Antenna Mats OR one (1) 5.0m x 1.2m IPICO Sports Antenna Mat.

The Lite Reader System (with antenna mats) is very simple to set-up. The system has auto-tuning capabilities on start up. Multiple systems – both Elite Reader and Lite Reader systems may be utilized together in various configurations to satisfy the demands of larger timing areas and/or specialized sports requirements, and there is no need to synchronize multiple systems.

IPICO's Dual Frequency (DF)products offer the same capability as low frequency RF systems for operating tags in lossy mediums, and the same high data rates as those offered by UHF systems. The Dual Frequency operating frequencies are such that tags are not affected by human bodies and other high moisture content substances, making DF ideal for sports time-keeping applications, where antenna mats may be wet and muddy.

Compared with other low frequency technologies, much longer reading ranges can be achieved, mainly because the return link (Tag to Reader) operates at 6.8MHz, which is much higher than the forward link (for powering the tag), operating at 125 kHz. These products employ a robust anti-collision algorithm, allowing up to 120 tags to be read simultaneously, at a rate of up to 400 tags/sec. DF Readers use separate transmit and receive antenna loops, and antennas are usually supplied as mats containing both loops for ease of installation. Tag IDs are transmitted serially by Ethernet to a PC.

Product code: IP 3458
litereader3-1 V



Key Features

  • Compliant with USA, European, Australian, and RSA spectrum allocations.
  • Robust anti-collision protocol (up to 120 tags simultaneously)
  • Durable, ergonomically shaped case with carry handle, watertight when closed
  • Real Time Clock
  • Valid tag read and status indicators
  • Battery charge level indicator
  • Transmit level (tuning) indicator
  • Connects to 2 transmit and receive antenna sets
  • Transmit antenna auto-tuning, making the STK Lite Reader robust and effective in most environments
  • Internal battery pack (3.5 hours minimum, continuous)
  • Range 0.6 – 1.5m depending on tag
  • DSP enhanced receivers
  • Data & control: Serial USB for diagnostics; Ethernet for tag read data output
  • Ethernet status and activity indicator
  • Synchronisation push-button for digital marker insertion into data stream