Custom Bib Tag

IPICO's Read Only Dual Frequency Bib Tag for all types of sport applications. This A5 sized tag can be used in applications that deploy any of IPICO's DF RFID reader platforms in any country.

The tag uses a chip containing a pre-programmed 64-bit unique ID code. When powered up by the reader RF beam, the tag spontaneously sends its ID code. Data integrity is assured by the ID codes appended CRC.

For customer convenience, a bib to tag ID mapping file is provided in a CSV text format.

The Custom Bib Tag is provided in a „Race Ready" format. In addition to the bib-tag mapping file, the Bib Tag is pre-applied to custom designed and numbered bibs for easy race packet preparation.

Product Code: IP 3571

Custom Bib Tag



Key Features

  • Low cost single chip solution
  • Compliant with worldwide spectrum allocations
  • Dual frequency (Transmit 125 kHz / Receive 6.8 MHz)
  • Long read range – 1.2 m (can be more depending on reader/tag configuration)
  • Robust anti-collision protocol (up to 120 tags read simultaneously)
  • Fast moving tags (10 m/sec) can reliably be read using the STK Elite or STK Lite readers
  • Factory programmed 64 bit ID number
  • High tag transmission rate (128 kbits/sec)
  • High tag read rate – up to 155 tags/sec
  • Passive – no battery
  • –40 to +85 OC temperature range
  • Waterproof
  • Soft & Flexible
  • Bib Tag pre-applied to custom designed and numbered bib
  • Bib to Tag ID mapping file included for easy import to scoring software