Power Tag

The versatile Power Tag is a low-cost and high performance tag which has higher read reliability and read rate performance while accommodating speeds up to 70 km/hr or 43.5 mph with the recommended read point configuration.

The Power Tag is compatible with all existing IPICO Sports readers and the perfect solution for Triathlon, Cycling, and Mountain Biking events. The waterproof casing will withstand extreme conditions including saltwater. The battery operated Power Tag has a 3 year battery life upon activation.

This tag can also be used in conjunction with the new ‘cycling’ antenna that eliminates the need for mats.




Key Features

  • Complies with international spectrum regulations.
  • Robust anti-collision protocol.
  • High tag bit rate : 128 kbit/sec.
  • Tag ID codes are CRC-validated.
  • 120+ tags simultaneously on the read point.
  • Waterproof.
  • Ergonomic, light-weight design
  • Skin friendly materials
  • High impact housing
  • Laser markings: Date code, Seq number and UID
  • Reliable and Low cost